Wisconsin Bell Building building restoration work in Milwaukee, WI
Iron Block Building building restoration work in Milwaukee, WI
Holy Hill Basilica building restoration work in Hubertus, WI
Restoring Historic Buildings Since 1926
Wisconsin Bell Building    |   Milwaukee, WI
Chicago Theological Seminary    |   Chicago, IL
Hampton Inn    |   Indianapolis, IN
Sears Roebuck Crosstown    |   Memphis, TN
Texas Company Building    |   Houston, TX
Dade County Courthouse    |   Miami, FL
Iron Block Building    |   Milwaukee, WI
Holy Hill Basilica    |   Hubertus, WI

Introducing Bond Façade Services  Honing History | Building Futures

With a legacy that spans nearly a century, Bond Facade Services is Milwaukee’s most trusted name in historic building restoration. Established in 1926, our family-owned business has proudly served as the guardian of architectural heritage in the heart of the Midwest. As we embark on an exciting new chapter, we are thrilled to introduce our rebranded identity, showcasing our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in the industry.

About Us

A Century of Expertise

For almost a hundred years, Bond Facade Services has been a driving force in shaping the restoration landscape of the Midwest. Our journey began in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, working predominantly in the Wisconsin-Illinois-Minnesota and Michigan metropolitan areas. Our commitment to preserving the historical heritage of this region has not only solidified our reputation throughout the Midwest, but also has propelled us to execute successful projects across the United States, including Tennessee, Florida, and Texas.

Our restoration work encompasses a variety of services, including:

Terra Cotta

Stone Restoration


Structural Restoration


Concrete Restoration

Sealant Remediation

Façade Inspection

Façade Cleaning

All Services

A Century of Notable Work

Nationwide, our fingerprints are found on numerous historical and commercial restoration projects including:

Milwaukee County War Memorial CenterMilwaukee, WI
CTSChicago, IL
Hampton InnIndianapolis, IN
Sears RobuckMemphis, TN
TEXCO BuildingHouston, TX
Miami-Dade County CourthouseMiami, FL

Each project presents its own unique challenges, but our consistent results remain a point of pride. Our designers and craftsmen have tackled big jobs with outstanding outcomes.

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