Commercial Natural Stone Restoration in Milwaukee

Bond Façade Services specializes in the restoration of stone for the façades of historic commercial buildings. We transform worn and dull surfaces into captivating focal points to bring your prestigious building back to life. With a keen understanding of the unique challenges posed by each type of natural stone, we take pride in delivering stone restoration services tailored to your Milwaukee property.

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Restoring natural stone columns on Milwaukee commercial building

The Art of Restoration for Stone Façades

Stone façade restoration for natural building restoration
  • Limestone Restoration

    • Limestone restoration for commercial buildings is distinct due to its porous nature, making it more prone to stains that demand specialized removal methods. Various surface finishes, such as polished and honed limestone, necessitate specific restoration approaches. Preserving fossils and mineral veins adds complexity to the process. 

      Limestone restoration in historical buildings requires a delicate balance between preserving original features and implementing modern techniques for durability. Expert knowledge, skill and techniques are crucial for a successful limestone restoration that revives the stone's beauty and architectural heritage.

  • Sandstone Restoration

    • Sandstone's porous nature makes it susceptible to water and moisture absorption, which leads to weathering, discoloration and structural issues. Careful attention is given to address water-related concerns and ensure proper sealing to prevent future damage.

      Sandstone features intricate patterns and textures. Our restoration experts use specialized techniques to clean and revive the unique attributes without causing harm. The type of sandstone used in the building, whether it's soft or hard, affects the restoration approach. Soft sandstone requires more delicate methods to avoid surface damage. Our craftsmen skillfully blend repairs and finishes to achieve a harmonious appearance between the new and old sandstone. We only use mortars and sealants that do not disrupt the stone’s natural properties and allow the stone to breathe. 

  • Granite Restoration

    • Granite restoration for commercial buildings presents a set of distinctive considerations due to the granite's durability, unique composition and widespread use in high-traffic areas. As a dense and hard natural stone, granite is less susceptible to scratches and wear compared to other softer stones, but it still requires professional restoration to maintain its polished finish. Granite comes in a wide range of colors and patterns. Restoration demands expert color-matching techniques to seamlessly blend repairs with the existing stone. 

  • Marble Restoration

    • As a softer stone, marble is susceptible to scratches, etches and wear from high foot traffic in busy commercial spaces. Our restoration technicians employ specialized honing and polishing techniques to remove imperfections and restore the marble's smooth and lustrous finish. The restoration process involves careful color enhancement to accentuate the stone's natural beauty.

Natural Stone Restoration Services

  • Honing
  • Polishing
  • Sealing
  • Cleaning 
  • Stain Removal
  • Crack & Chip Repair
  • Grout Cleaning & Repair
  • Color Enhancement
  • Floor Re-Leveling


Causes of Façade Deterioration

  • Poor stone quality 
  • Improper bedding of stone
  • Inappropriate repointing mortar
  • Oxide jacking of metal support elements
  • Lack of flashing
  • Weather exposure
  • Improper anchoring 
  • Design elements 
Stone facade column repair work in Milwaukee
Bond Façade Services provides commercial natural stone restoration in Milwaukee, Madison, Chicago and nationwide. Contact us to restore history!