Commercial Brick and Stone Repointing in Milwaukee

Bond Façade’s craftsmen are experts in matching new mortar joints with existing or adjacent mortar in color, texture and density. We perform petrographic tests on existing mortar to determine its compressive strength in order to best produce and install new mortar in relation to its masonry veneer materials. Properly executed, this restoration technique returns the veneer to a structurally sound and watertight condition. Work with the experts for commercial repointing services in Milwaukee and Southeast, WI!

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Repointing Services for Commercial Buildings

The mortar used for repointing is not a one-size-fits-all solution; it must be carefully selected based on various factors such as climate and environmental conditions. Different regions experience varying weather patterns, temperature fluctuations and levels of moisture. It’s important to hire an experienced commercial repointing company for this reason, as most clients want the results to be long-lasting.

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Bond Façade Commercial Mortar

  • Lime Mortar
    • Lime mortar is often preferred for repointing historic or older buildings. It is more flexible and breathable than modern cement-based mortars, making it suitable for structures that need to accommodate slight movements and moisture fluctuations.
  • Hydraulic Lime Mortar
    • In areas with higher exposure to moisture or harsher climates, hydraulic lime mortars are used. They have properties that enable them to set and harden even in damp conditions, providing improved water resistance.
  • Mortars with Additives
    • Some commercial repointing projects require the use of special additives in the mortar mix to enhance specific characteristics, such as water repellency or improved workability.
  • Matching Mortar Color
    • Achieving an exact match of the mortar color is vital for preserving the visual appearance of the building during repointing. Our skilled artisans blend pigments and use color-matching technology to achieve a seamless blend with the original mortar.

Repointing for Historical Buildings in Milwaukee

Repointing for historical buildings is a specialized and delicate process that involves restoring the mortar joints in a manner that preserves the historical and architectural integrity of the structure. Historical buildings have unique and intricate masonry work, and their restoration requires a deep understanding of traditional construction techniques and materials. With nearly 100 years of experience, Bond Façade is your go-to for reliable repointing services. 


Petrographic Tests for Mortar

As a commercial repointing company involved in construction materials testing, conducting petrographic tests for mortar is an essential part of our services. Petrographic testing involves the examination and analysis of the mineral composition, texture and overall quality of the mortar samples. This type of testing provides valuable insights into the properties and potential issues of the mortar, enabling us to assist our clients in long-lasting repointing work. 

Bond Façade Services provides commercial brick and stone repointing in Milwaukee, Madison, Chicago and nationwide. Contact us to restore history!