Commercial Façade Cleaning in Milwaukee

Bond Façade Services cleans and restores the exterior façades of historic and commercial buildings. If your building has suffered from water penetration, moisture damage or color alterations, we can help! We use state-of-the-art materials to clean historic fabrics with careful matching technology.

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Benefits of Regular Façade Cleaning

The appearance of a building's façade plays a significant role in creating a positive first impression for clients, customers and visitors. While important, it’s not just about exterior looks. Professional Façade cleaning provides other benefits to your building.

Cleaning façade stains from Milwaukee commercial buildings
  • Preservation of Architectural Integrity
    • Historic buildings feature intricate detailing and unique architectural elements that can be obscured by dirt, grime and pollutants without maintenance. Regular cleaning preserves the original design and showcases the building’s historical significance. 
  • Prevention of Deterioration
    • Accumulated dirt, algae and pollutants accelerate the deterioration of building materials in historic structures. Façade cleaning services remove harmful substances and reduce the risks of long-term damage. 
  • Compliance with Heritage Regulations
    • Historic buildings are subject to preservation and heritage regulations. Our façade cleaning services meet these requirements, ensuring that the building's historical features are protected and maintained according to preservation standards.
  • Enhanced Property Value
    • A well-preserved historic building with a clean and well-maintained façade commands higher property values, making it a more attractive investment for owners and investors alike.

Unveil the Charm of Your Historic Building

Façade Cleaning for Water Damage

Over time, water infiltration causes unsightly stains, mold growth and deterioration, compromising the structural integrity of the façade. Bond Façade’s professional cleaning services utilize specialized techniques to effectively remove water stains and mold, restoring the building's appearance and safeguarding it against further damage.


Façade Cleaning for Water Damage

When left untreated, water damage leads to the growth of mold and mildew, which not only compromises the appearance but also poses health risks to occupants. Bond Façade’s cleaning services remove stubborn stains, mold and algae, restoring the façade's original luster and preventing further deterioration. 


Façade Cleaning for Color Alterations 

Bond Façade restores the original vibrancy and appearance of your building's exterior. Over time, pollution, dirt and environmental factors cause discoloration and fading, making the façade appear dull and aged. Our professional façade cleaning uses gentle yet effective methods to remove surface contaminants without damaging the underlying materials or paint. 

Bond Façade Services provides commercial façade cleaning in Milwaukee, Madison, Chicago and nationwide. Contact us to restore history!