Commercial Restoration Services Based in Milwaukee Restore and Preserve Timeless Beauty

Since 1926, Bond Façade Services has restored historic, stone buildings with meticulous care. 

With our unwavering dedication to craftsmanship, our team revives old historic architecture to be the showstopper it once was. Our commercial stone restoration services repair, maintain and preserve historic establishments so they’re appreciated for years to come. 

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Bond Façade Restoration Services

Ornate terra cotta restoration on Milwaukee historical building

Terra Cotta Restoration

Terra cotta restoration focuses on preserving, repairing, and replacing ornamental terra cotta elements on historical façades. This meticulous service brings back intricate detailing and beauty. Bond Façade Services carefully assesses the condition of terra cotta elements and identifies the proper restoration process. Our team performs repairs utilizing new-age repair mortars and glazing to determine which units require replacement. Units are scanned to provide digital documentation to be used to fabricate new units. The process involves updated techniques and materials to properly anchor the terra units to the structure.

Natural stone facade rejuvination

Stone Restoration

Stone restoration focuses on reviving the beauty of a building's stone elements, including façades, columns, and decorative features. Bond Façade Services employs specialized techniques such as cleaning, repointing, dutchman installation, or replacing of damaged stone. We meticulously repair cracks and chips, ensuring the stone regains its original luster and structural integrity.

Parapet wall masonry rebuilding company

Masonry Rebuilding

Masonry rebuilding involves the removal and reinstallation of masonry veneer and in some projects structural backup systems. Common façade elements requiring rebuilding are parapet walls, shelf angles support areas, lintel support areas and projected masonry assemblages. The process involves matching new replacement masonry to original or adjacent masonry fabrics to blend in the newly restored areas with the original building façade.

Building structure inspection and restoration in Milwaukee

Structural Restoration

Structural restoration involves repairing, reinforcing, or replacing of a building's structural elements, ensuring safety and longevity. This service is essential for historical structures with structural issues. Along with design professionals, Bond Façade Services professionals conduct a detailed structural assessment, identifying weaknesses or damage. We develop customized solutions, which may include structural reinforcement, underpinning, or retrofitting to restore the building's stability and safety. We have certified welders on board to restore the structural integrity for the masonry’s support needs.

Church stonework repairs in Milwaukee


Repointing is the process of replacing damaged mortar joints in masonry walls that bond brick, stone, terra cotta, and other masonry together. Our experts carefully remove deteriorated mortar, matching the original mortar's color and composition. New historically correct mortar is then precisely applied to create a seamless, strong bond that protects against moisture and prevents further deterioration.

Nationwide concrete façade restoration services

Concrete Restoration

Concrete restoration involves repairing, refurbishing, or replacing deteriorating concrete surfaces, such as building exteriors, balconies, walkways, and parking decks. This service extends the lifespan and aesthetics of the concrete. Our team assesses the concrete's condition, addressing issues like cracks, spalling, and corrosion. We use advanced techniques like concrete patching, overlay systems, and corrosion inhibitors to restore the concrete's strength and appearance.

Professional sealant remediation for Wisconsin historical and commercial buildings

Sealant Remediation

Sealant remediation is crucial for maintaining a building's weather resistance. It involves replacing sealant materials that protect against moisture intrusion and air leakage. Bond Façade Services identifies failing sealant areas and carefully removes old sealant materials. We then apply high-quality sealants that are compatible with the building's substrates, ensuring a watertight and energy-efficient envelope.

Building restoration employee inspecting slab of Milwaukee commercial building

Façade Inspection/Investigation

Façade inspection and investigation are essential steps in understanding the condition of a building's exterior. These services involve in-depth assessments to identify structural issues, water infiltration points, and potential hazards. Our experienced team conducts a comprehensive examination of the façade, using non-destructive testing methods and advanced technology like drones and digital scanning. We then partner with design professionals, using this collected data to create tailored restoration plans for addressing the building's unique needs.

Façade Cleaning Services near Milwaukee, WI

Façade Cleaning

Bond Façade Services effectively cleans and restores the exterior façades of buildings that have suffered problems associated with water penetration, moisture damage and color alterations. A wide variety of historic fabrics can be cleaned using state-of-the-art materials relevant to each of the various masonry fabrics found on building façades.

The cleaning of masonry façades has changed throughout history. From the early days of sandblasting to today’s environmentally friendly cleaning products, masonry façades are cleaned and returned to their original brilliance with this process. Bond Façade Services utilizes medium-pressure steamed water cleaning, deionized water façade flooding and chemical cleaning processes to clean buildings.

Bond Façade Services provides commercial stone restoration in Milwaukee, Madison, Chicago and nationwide. Contact us to restore history!