Commercial Masonry Rebuilding & Restoration in Milwaukee

Bond Façade Services specializes in revitalizing and preserving the architectural beauty of commercial properties throughout Milwaukee. From parapet walls and lintel support areas to intricate projected masonry assemblies, our restoration expertise covers a wide range of façade elements. Historic preservation and excellent craftsmanship are our main priorities! We bring nearly a century of experience to the table and know how to properly repair masonry to stand the test of time.

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Masonry Repair and Restoration Services

Milwaukee masonry restoration services
  • Masonry Repair and Restoration
  • Tuckpointing
  • Brick and Stone Veneer Repair
  • Lintel Repair and Replacement
  • Parapet Wall Restoration
  • Caulking and Sealing
  • Historic Masonry Preservation
  • Concrete Masonry Unit Work
  • Masonry Cleaning and Maintenance

Parapet Wall Repair

Parapet walls are the low protective walls or barriers that extend above the roofline and are an integral part of the building's exterior façade. Over time, parapet walls suffer from weathering, cracking, spalling or structural damage due to exposure to the elements, freeze-thaw cycles or improper construction.

Rebuilding parapet walls involves carefully dismantling the damaged portions, assessing the underlying structural integrity and reconstructing them using suitable masonry materials and techniques. 


Shelf Angle Support 

Shelf angles are horizontal metal elements installed at each floor level and provide support for the weight of masonry walls or other cladding materials. Over time, shelf angles deteriorate due to factors like rust, corrosion or improper installation. This leads to cracking, spalling or displacement of the masonry above, causing potential safety hazards and compromising the integrity of the building's façade.

During the rebuilding or repairing process, damaged or corroded shelf angles are carefully removed and the underlying support areas are thoroughly inspected. Our skilled masons assess the condition of the supporting structure to decide the appropriate course of action. Depending on the condition, we’ll repair the existing shelf angles or replace them with new, corrosion-resistant materials.


Lintel Support 

Lintels deteriorate due to factors like rust, corrosion, water infiltration or excessive load stress. This leads to cracks, sagging or displacement of the masonry above, posing safety risks and compromising the overall structural stability of the building. Our masons remove, repair or replace the damaged lintels for your Milwaukee property.


Projected Masonry Assemblages

Projected masonry assemblies are decorative architectural features and add character to the building's façade. Over time, projections deteriorate due to weather, temperature changes, moisture or other environmental factors. This leads to cracks, spalling or disintegration of the masonry components, affecting their structural integrity and aesthetic appeal.

During the rebuilding process, our skilled masons dismantle the damaged or deteriorated masonry projections and assess the underlying support structure. The restoration process involves replicating the original design using suitable masonry materials and craftsmanship.

Bond Façade Services provides commercial masonry rebuilding and restoration in Milwaukee, Madison, Chicago and nationwide. Contact us to restore history!